Doug Poll Group launches new relational awareness program for LDP

The Xchange Relational Assessment is a powerful tool for personal spiritual growth. Built on the world-class Leading Dimensions Profile, the XRA allows you to see both your strengths and where you have opportunity to become more complete in Christ.

Your assessment report points out 4 Key Areas in your life where you have the potential to grow and become more spiritually complete, more like Christ.

The Xchange Relational Assessment was built from the LDP in conjunction with Doug Poll Group, and Steve McCoy – author of the Discipleship Xchange initiative. By tailoring the LDP to the specific requirements of the Discipleship Xchange process, we now have a research driven and laser focused set of insights to help you on your journey. As an explorer on the path to becoming a better disciple of Jesus, we encourage you to use this tool along with prayer and reflection to allow God to reveal the unique gifts He has given you, as well as the areas He has for you to grow.

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Contact: Doug Poll, CPLC