Swiss Journal highlights Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP) as a managerial assessment.

Dr. Doug Waldo was joined by affiliates Dr. Robert Wharton of LeTourneau University and Georgia Malan of the University of South Florida in completing their study: Cultural Perceptions of Managerial Style: Is the perfect “high-high” manager an American stereotype?  Their article, based on findings derived using the Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP), has been published by the Swiss Journal of Research in Business and Social Sciences.

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Journal:  Swiss Journal of Research in Business and Social Sciences, Vol. 1, No.3, pp 17-27, April 2014. P.P. 17-27.


Dr. R. Douglas Waldo, SPHR, Leading Dimensions Consulting

Gunce Malan, PhD Student, University of South Florida

Dr. Robert Wharton, LeTourneau University


This study investigated the generalizability of assumptions regarding preferred leadership styles, exhibited by emerging managers from four cultures: Australia, India, Ireland, and the United States. Leveraging the Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP), a psychometric survey of leadership styles, the study identified cultural perceptions regarding the leadership styles expected of a perfect manager. In so doing, this study sought to evaluate the prevalence of a long-assumed stereotype (often referred to as the “high-high myth”), whereby the ideal manager would exhibit a high desire for achievement, combined with a high concern for people and relationships. The results suggest that such a stereotype may extend beyond what was previously assumed to be an American stereotype.