LDP-based Study Awarded “Best Paper” by Spring 2016 Academy of Business Research Conference

Congratulations to Dr. Karen Jacobs and her team of researchers (including Dr. Robert Wharton, Martha Jeske, Curtis Wise, and Dr. Doug Waldo) on receiving top honors at the Spring 2016 Academy of Business Research (ABR) Conference.  Their paper, Interpersonal Conflict-Handling Behavior as Reflections of Leadership Styles, was presented at the ABR Conference in New Orleans on March 24, 2016. Using participants’ results from the Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP), researchers were able to explore implications for how LDP dimensions and styles may shape a leader’s approach to conflict-handling.

Leading Dimensions Consulting (LDC) has partnered with the School of Business at LeTourneau University (www.letu.edu) since 2011 to conduct scholarly and applied research into leadership performance.  This collaborative relationship has generated multiple presentations and publications, highlighting practical applications for the LDP while providing opportunities for students to conduct, interpret, and present valuable research.  For more information regarding this study, please contact Dr. Robert Wharton at bobwharton@letu.edu.  To propose or explore future research studies involving the LDP, please contact Dr. Doug Waldo at doug.waldo@leadingdimensions.com.