LDP to anchor Emotional Intelligence Program

The LDP has been selected by LeTourneau University (of Longview, Texas) as part of a grant-funded program to study Emotional Intelligence among incoming college freshmen.  According to the faculty research panel,

Studies have indicated a relationship between linking Emotional Intelligence to human performance, personal health, and resilience. Emotional knowledge, skills, and intelligence hold a major key to improving education and helping students, teachers, faculty, and student development professionals attain higher degrees of achievement, career success, leadership, and personal well-being. The grant awarded to Dr. Wharton’s team would provide for the dissemination of the instrument to all incoming freshmen in fall 2017 and the accompanying research.


The LDP will provide materials for training students regarding the promotion of Emotional Intelligence, with implications for leadership development as well as academic and workplace collaboration.  The program will be facilitated by Dr. Karen Jacobs, as well as LDP Technical Advisory Panel members Dr. Robert Wharton and Dr. Doug Waldo.

For more information, please contact:  doug.waldo@leadingdimensions.com