The Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP)

LDP2.0LogoFor decades, psychologists, researchers, and scholars have sought to explain how and why people behave the way they do, in the workplace and in relationships. With complex models to measure ever-changing theories, managers, trainers, and organizational development professionals have often struggled to find a measurement framework that offered scientific rigor, while still being delivered in a user-friendly and scalable platform. The Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP) offers such a framework, leveraging a multi-dimensional approach that is delivered via a user-friendly and practical talent assessment.

Regardless of the application, whether for training and development or for recruiting and selection, the LDP provides a validated measure of behavioral preferences and tendencies that can guide a wide range of personal and professional development opportunities. While the LDP framework leverages complex psychometric concepts, its delivery is focused on practicality and ease of use. Simply put, the LDP is where science meets practice, to drive performance.


The Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP) is a 95-item survey of psychometric constructs, specifically designed for personal and professional development applications.  Such applications include:  training, coaching, professional development, career guidance, talent management, and personal improvement. The LDP is based on a dual factor interaction model, meaning that two independent psychometric factors interact to graphically and descriptively summarize behavioral preferences and tendencies – yielding four distinct profiles. Each factor is derived from three independent facet dimensions, and is supported by two secondary (non-facet) dimensions, each of which helps to describe the expected behaviors.


Participants access the LDP through a secure online portal, typically directed by an existing LDP user via an email link or specific launch page.  Once completed, an email confirmation is sent immediately to the designated user (such as a trainer, manager, or HR professional who directed the participant to the LDP) including a snapshot of the results and a link to more detailed report options.  By clicking the link, the user can review/print available reports for guidance in a variety of applications. LDP results are recorded in the user’s database for easy retrieval in the future.  The LDP framework allows a single survey to be leveraged in solving a number of individual and team challenges, such as selection, development, and coaching. 

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As a staffing business, we have been working with the Leading Dimensions Profile instrument as a resource for selecting and developing our internal staff.  We also use the LDP as a value added service that we introduce to our clients to impact their ability to hire right the first time and improve employee engagement.  To date, we have experienced outstanding customer service, analysis, and interpretation concerning assessment results.  In a recent instance of using the LDP as an internal selection tool, we assessed an employee who showed the dimensions consistent with a successful staffing sales rep.  We moved the employee into the sales re role, and she has now been successfully transitioned – resulting in a significant increase in our sales activity.    

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