As a staffing business, we have been working with the Leading Dimensions Profile instrument as a resource for selecting and developing our internal staff.  We also use the LDP as a value added service that we introduce to our clients to impact their ability to hire right the first time and improve employee engagement.  To date, we have experienced outstanding customer service, analysis, and interpretation concerning assessment results.  In a recent instance of using the LDP as an internal selection tool, we assessed an employee who showed the dimensions consistent with a successful staffing sales rep.  We moved the employee into the sales re role, and she has now been successfully transitioned – resulting in a significant increase in our sales activity.    

Staffing Business Owner

We thoroughly enjoyed learning more about our personality dimensions and how they potentially can impact our team and organization. Understanding how we interact under normal circumstances is critical in team development. How can an organization begin to build a shared vision and/or execute a strategic plan without first understanding the team’s individual preferences, tendencies, and overall approach to accomplishing goals and objectives? The LDP brings valuable insight to help an organization achieve excellence.

Chamber of Commerce President

Thank you for the great efforts of Leading Dimensions who brought a clear communication tool that allowed all individuals to recognize working preferences. Furthermore, the clarification of how different individuals might communicate to increase effectiveness allowed our staff to remember that while working with the same righteous intent, working styles differ and can cause distraction. Your masterful analysis and presentation has energized our team to collaborate within our system for greatest effectiveness.

Major/Area Coordinator

Last week I was walked through the Leading Dimensions Profile as part of my job development. I have taken many, many personality profiles over the years and the LDP is simply one of the best. The results were eerily accurate. The report goes deeper than others I have taken and provides much more information. I endorse the product and process without reservation.

Director of Engineering

Thank you for your coaching and the use of the Leading Dimensions Profile. I found the results to be very insightful with regard to my strengths and weaknesses and their application to my work. I have used a variety of testing instruments over the years to determine gifting, personality, and strengths as well as weaknesses. I truly believe this tool is one of the most helpful instruments I have used.

Senior Pastor

I have utilized the LDP with various companies in the professional services arena and have found its reports to be a real help to companies looking for something besides the traditional interview questions to make good hires. By taking one LDP assessment, I’m able to utilize a wealth of reports to give a company a well-rounded view of the prospect and make their hiring decisions more reliable, and in turn more profitable.

Organizational Coach

We found the LDP to be helpful to us in making our hiring decision. We had about 78 applicants for this particular position and we had narrowed it down to the top four. The LDP assessment actually helped us to fine tune the process and gave us more confidence in making that decision.

Associate Professor & Chair

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