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We offer a comprehensive assessment platform, meeting the diverse needs of both individuals and organizations. Our assessments can be scaled to meet the budgetary constraints of small businesses while addressing the demands of multi-national corporations.  By matching a practical, user-friendly approach with scientific rigor, we have earned the role of trusted partner to individual consultants, coaches, trainers, and HR professionals.

Training and

The LDP’s Trainer’s Companion Repot helps T&D professionals to deliver targeted training content that reflects individual and cohort learning preferences.


With a graphical, user-friendly matrix, he LDP’s Personal Style Profile reveal’s an individual’s primary behavioral style for individual and team interactions.

Leadership and

For emerging leaders and seasoned executives, the LDP’s Leading Profile offers valuable insights and analysis regarding the leader’s approach to exercising influence.

Recruiting and

The LDP’s Position Profiles measure a candidate’s generalized compatibility to specific jobs, based on validated benchmark models.


The LDP’s Personal Interview Coach program equips job seekers with personalized interviewing recommendations based on their unique behavioral profile.

Sales Force

The LDP’s Selling Profile provides in-depth narrative and graphical analysis of an individual’s likely approach to each step of the selling process.

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