Training & Development

Workshops, seminars and other events can provide a particularly effective delivery method for team-building programs. Taking participants away from their work, even for just a few hours, can encourage them to gain and share fresh perspectives apart from the daily pressures of work.

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Recruiting & Selection

Building a high-quality talent pipeline can be a daunting task for recruiters, especially when placing Call Center Associates. With average turnover in excess of 40% within the industry, employers face an urgent and costly challenge.

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Leadership Development

Although professional development workshops are an ideal venue for the LDP, the same benefits can be gained within individual development efforts (whether as part of a formal program or personal initiative).

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Sales Force Performance

Even with an effective recruiting strategy, the process of screening candidates can present quite a challenge for employers. With high unemployment and few openings, it seems all too common for job seekers to provide a dizzying array of information, much of which is handcrafted to leave the most favorable impression on a prospective employer.

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Managerial & Supervisory Succession

As noted earlier, small businesses are most impacted when openings remain unfilled or when new hires struggle to work through the learning curve for a position. In a workplace where employees already wear multiple hats, the impact of a hiring mistake can reach every corner of the organization.

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Executive Placement

Although personality assessments like the LDP are often utilized within entry-level and high volume selection programs, they have been used to assess senior leadership candidates for more than a century.

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Professional Coaching

In order to gain competitive advantage through available talent, today’s employers must maintain an intense focus on training and development.

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As a staffing business, we have been working with the Leading Dimensions Profile instrument as a resource for selecting and developing our internal staff.  We also use the LDP as a value added service that we introduce to our clients to impact their ability to hire right the first time and improve employee engagement.  To date, we have experienced outstanding customer service, analysis, and interpretation concerning assessment results.  In a recent instance of using the LDP as an internal selection tool, we assessed an employee who showed the dimensions consistent with a successful staffing sales rep.  We moved the employee into the sales re role, and she has now been successfully transitioned – resulting in a significant increase in our sales activity.    

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