Position Profile


The Position Profile is a one-page snapshot of a person’s generalized compatibility to a specific position or job type (such as General Manager or Sales Professional).  Based on their responses to the Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP), a person’s scores are compared to the ideal ranges associated with ten specific dimensions of drive and motivation (such as Assertiveness).  The ideal ranges are established based on criterion-related validation studies, meaning, the Position Profile compares the person’s results with outcomes from high-performing incumbents. Since each Position Profile originates from a specific study, users must evaluate applicability prior to utilizing the LDP as part of employment selection decisions.  The Position Profile should not be disclosed to the job seeker, as it should be considered a confidential selection device.

Generalizable Position Profiles are available for:  Management, Sales, Customer Service, and Collections roles.  Customized Position Profiles can be developed for employers with unique position needs.

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As a staffing business, we have been working with the Leading Dimensions Profile instrument as a resource for selecting and developing our internal staff.  We also use the LDP as a value added service that we introduce to our clients to impact their ability to hire right the first time and improve employee engagement.  To date, we have experienced outstanding customer service, analysis, and interpretation concerning assessment results.  In a recent instance of using the LDP as an internal selection tool, we assessed an employee who showed the dimensions consistent with a successful staffing sales rep.  We moved the employee into the sales re role, and she has now been successfully transitioned – resulting in a significant increase in our sales activity.    

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