Selling Profile


The Selling Profile is a 13-page coaching resource based on a person’s responses to the Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP). The profile provides behavioral insights regarding an individual’s likely approach to commonly recognized steps of the sales cycle (such as building rapport and closing the sale). These insights are reported based on quantified measures (referred to as “dimensions”) of the person’s motivational preferences and tendencies. Although the dimensions can be applied in a variety of workplace activities, this report is focused on identifying the individual’s likely approach to working and collaborating within a sales context.  Key elements of the Selling Profile include the four-quadrant matrix, sales cycle dimensions, and a validated sales benchmark.  The Selling Profile is an ideal resource for training and developing new sales professionals, while also yielding quantitative and qualitative insights to guide coaching efforts for those more experienced in the profession.

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As a staffing business, we have been working with the Leading Dimensions Profile instrument as a resource for selecting and developing our internal staff.  We also use the LDP as a value added service that we introduce to our clients to impact their ability to hire right the first time and improve employee engagement.  To date, we have experienced outstanding customer service, analysis, and interpretation concerning assessment results.  In a recent instance of using the LDP as an internal selection tool, we assessed an employee who showed the dimensions consistent with a successful staffing sales rep.  We moved the employee into the sales re role, and she has now been successfully transitioned – resulting in a significant increase in our sales activity.    

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